Becoming One: Girl Power

A female swimmer preparing for a triathlon

Becoming One: Part 6 in my ongoing blog series for IRONMAN that chronicles my journey training for IM Florida.

This one is for the ladies! Quite appropriate considering last weekend was the first-ever, women-only IRONMAN World Championship in Kona.

In this post, I talk about doing a race simulation at Augusta 70.3 and getting back into the swing of long course training. The following weekend was a big one with a training camp in Panama City that included an open water swim, 85-mile bike ride, and my longest run yet- 20 miles!

We talk about the fact that while triathletes are typically pretty good at logging their swim, bike, and run workouts, an area that’s often overlooked is strength and mobility. Dan Lorang, coach of Lucy Charles- Barclay (WC Kona) and Anne Haug (#2 Kona), explains why strength work is important for all triathletes, but especially women.

My buddy, Mark Saroni of Paragon Training, provides a few suggestions for how to help female athletes improve their anaerobic capacity and explosive power. (Something that, believe it or not, IS important for long course training).

Finally, I talk with my own physician (also an IRONMAN triathlete!) about the blood biomarkers that female athletes should keep an eye on. Also, I share a bit about my own journey with iron-deficiency anemia, something that affects countless female athletes.

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