about Brittany Vermeer

With more than 15 years of experience as a writer and photographer, Brittany Vermeer draws on her journalistic roots, and her knack for storytelling, to create captivating narratives.

Selected Works
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A female triathlete getting ready to do an open water swim.
Review of FORM Goggles Swim Straight Open Water Feature
Swim Straight is the world first in-goggle compass. You can use it to sight a...
A woman rolling her back on a Chirp wheel foam roller.
Goodbye Back Pain! Chirp Wheel Review
The most interesting thing about the Chirp Wheel is that it has a padded channel...
A female triathlete riding her bike in a triathlon
Building Resilience and Mental Toughness in Triathlon
People tend to think that being resilient or having mental strength is something you’re just...
A female swimmer ingesting ready to do open water swimming
5 Causes of Open Water Swim Anxiety and How to Conquer Them
Open water swimming is a major source of anxiety for many triathletes. But there are...