about Brittany Vermeer

With more than 15 years of experience as a writer and photographer, Brittany Vermeer draws on her journalistic roots, and her knack for storytelling, to create captivating narratives.

Selected Works
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“What if the Swim Gets Cancelled?” How to Resist the Trap of What-If Thinking
The problem with what-if thinking is that it stems from a place of anxiety about...
Emma Pallant-Browne
Empowering Endurance: A Conversation with Emma Pallant-Browne on Resilience, Happiness, and Self-Confidence
I talk to Emma Pallant Browne about the struggles she faces as a pro triathlete,...
Everything You Need to Know About 70.3 Chattanooga
Matt and I have competed at Chattanooga for the past three years (2021, 2022, and...
A female triathlete smiling while wearing cool sunglasses
Eco-Friendly Performance Eyewear? Review of Rudy Project Kelion
You've probably seen transition lenses before, but I bet you’ve never seen an eco-friendly, bio-plastic...