About My Blog:

Welcome to Triple Threat Life! I’m Brittany Vermeer. If you haven’t already guessed, I’m a triathlete.

So it makes sense then that Triple Threat Life is a nod to my triathlon roots of swim, bike, run. But it’s much more than that. In addition to chronicling my journey through the multi-sport world, I want to use triathlon as a lens through which we can view life.

I don’t claim to be an expert, but I want to share the knowledge I’ve learned from so many others who have helped me along the way.

The mission of this blog is to inspire, encourage, and empower, and it’s my hope that Triple Threat Life will become your daily dose of multi-sport positivity.

  • 2023 Ironman Florida Race Report
    WE DID IT!!! Fresh off the heels of my first full distance race at IRONMAN Florida, my husband keeps telling me that I did such a great job, but in reality there was no I in it. It was all we. In the lead up to the race, I was...
  • Becoming One: Advice For Your First Ironman
    Becoming One: Part 7 in my ongoing blog series for IRONMAN that chronicles my journey training for IM Florida. If you’ve been following along with my column, you know that I'm fast approaching the big day! This week, I will head to Panama City to compete in my first full-distance race, IRONMAN Florida. Throughout...
  • Becoming One: Girl Power
    Becoming One: Part 6 in my ongoing blog series for IRONMAN that chronicles my journey training for IM Florida. This one is for the ladies! Quite appropriate considering last weekend was the first-ever, women-only IRONMAN World Championship in Kona. In this post, I talk about doing a race simulation at Augusta 70.3 and...
  • Review: FORM Smart Swim Goggles
    I recently had the opportunity to test out a cool new piece of gear during my training for IRONMAN Florida- the FORM Smart Swim Goggles. The technology has been around for a few years, but I was experimenting with a brand new feature that just rolled out a few months ago-...
  • The Cool Down: Jan Frodeno
    So I have a lot of other blog posts already in the queue, but considering what tomorrow is... I thought we'd move this one up to the front. Last week, Triathlete Magazine published my latest article- A Case for Jan Frodeno as Triathlon's GOAT.  If you don't know much about...
  • Becoming One: How to Survive Summer IRONMAN Training
    This is the fourth edition of my 8-part column for IRONMAN about my journey training for IRONMAN Florida.  Before you sign up for your first (or next) IRONMAN, you might want to look at when the event falls on the calendar. The timing of a race is a crucial consideration...
  • Becoming One: The Peaks and Valleys of IRONMAN Training
    This is Part 3 of my 8-part column for IRONMAN where I will be talking about my preparations in the build up to my first full distance race- IRONMAN Florida this fall.  When I started this column, I said it would be an “honest and transparent account” about everything that...
  • The Cool Down: Evolution of Coaching With Jim Rutberg
    I'm a journalist, so thanks to my job I have the opportunity to chat with some really cool people: everyone from pro triathletes and elite trail runners to top coaches and age groupers with interesting stories. When I interview someone for an article about a certain topic for a specific...
  • The Cool Down
    The Cool Down: With Neal Palles
    With my job, I have the opportunity to chat with the coolest people: everyone from pro triathletes and elite trail runners to top coaches and age groupers. During these interviews, we first go over all the questions for whatever article I'm working on, but then conversation shifts to talk of...
  • Becoming One: How Training For a Full is Different than a Half
    This post is the second of an eight-part column that will appear on IRONMAN.com about my upcoming journey to IRONMAN Florida! I’m a creature of habit and love having a schedule. When I open my training app and see a week’s worth of workouts planned, it’s like unwrapping a present...
  • New Wetsuit Day! ROKA Maverick X2
    I'm super excited because I received a special delivery this week from my friends at ROKA... It's a new Maverick X2 wetsuit! This is actually my first ever, full sleeve wetsuit. For the past three years competing in triathlon, I've used the sleeveless variety. It's been great, but it's an...
  • Well that Didn’t go as Planned… Chattanooga 70.3
    Well, the race did not go as planned. It was pretty bad, actually. But rarely is anything ever ALL bad, and that was the case with Chattanooga 70.3 The Good: Pre-race dinner and post-race celebration with my local tri club. Watching several friends complete their first 70.3. Enjoying the sights...