Eliel Gravel Team Launch 2023


This project was commissioned by Eliel Cycling to launch their new gravel team (TRLT- The Roads Less Traveled) for the 2023 season. The first part of the project involved a branded photography shoot to create images of the team kit that could be used on their website, in email marketing, and on social media. The second part involved creating an overall concept and writing copy for 11 pieces to be used in an email marketing campaign to launch the team to the public.

Copy Excerpt:

Why do we ride bikes? To push ourselves to the limit of human performance. To commune with nature and explore the great outdoors. To develop kinship, community, and camaraderie.

Here at Eliel, we truly believe that cycling can change lives. But riding bikes is not a solo endeavor. More than any other sport, gravel cycling exists within a close-knit (sometimes wild and wacky) community of athletes with an unquenchable thirst for adventure.  

That’s why we created the Eliel Gravel Team! Team TRLT, or “The Roads Less Traveled,” will hit the trails in 2023, and we want you to be part of the fun.