Purchasing a triathlon bike is a big investment. The most important decision you will make isn’t related to brand, material, or even color. It’s size! Most people purchase a bike and then go to a bike fitter to figure out how to make it work for them, but that can be a big mistake.

I interviewed Marc Galietta, the founder and owner of bike-fitting studio- The Energy Lab- who explains that triathletes are doing it backwards. He’s a multiple Kona finisher, Ultraman finisher, and one of two people to complete the Epic Deca Challenge, 10 iron-distance triathlons on six Hawaiian islands in 10 days.

It’s always best to visit a bike fitter before purchasing a bike, but if you can’t make that work, Marc provides some helpful suggestions for how to get in the ballpark with size for a new or used bike.

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