I was super excited to have the opportunity to write this one, because Jason West is my husband’s favorite runner!

We actually did the interview a couple days before Jason left for 70.3 Los Cabos and I headed to IM FL, both on Saturday. After he won the race, he texted ME to ask how my first full went! In addition to being a super talented young pro, he’s really a completely grounded and very kind human.

The whole idea for this article was to chat about why he’s decided NOT to do an Ironman (at least not yet), as is the typical path for most pros who have success at the 70.3 distance, as well as how age groupers can take a page out of his book by doing what’s best for you, despite what pressure or expectation you might feel from others.

Fav quote: “I feel like I’m in a position to challenge myself in whatever way I want to. Now, there’s no expectation or pressure. I’m just going to race and see what happens.”

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