This was a really special article to write, because I wasn’t sure Triathlete Magazine would let me do it in the first place…

At IRONMAN Florida, I learned that pro triathlete, Jocelyn McCauley, gave up the World Championship slot she earned with her 3rd place finish, because the race falls on Sunday, and she doesn’t race or train on Sundays.

“It’s a large chunk of money I’m saying no to, but my sponsors have known about my faith from the very beginning, and they’ve very supportive. It’s something I’m very open about,” she said.

I got to chat with Jocelyn about her decision and the really cool full circle moment with the 4th place woman that came as a result. Also, I spoke with age groupers, Miriam Cole, who gave up her Kona slot when it fell on Yom Kippur and Troy Rogers, who balances his triathlon training with being a preacher.

LOVE his quote- “I want to be remembered for my love for God and my love for others. I added triathlon to my life to enhance what matters most, not to allow it to become what matters most.”

PS. I have so much extra info. from my chat with Jocelyn, Miriam, and Troy that didn’t make the article, so it’s going on the blog today! Stay tuned…

Click here to read the article in Triathlete Magazine.